19 November 2014
Playing the opening concert of club venue Sinus in Bodø’s new concert house, Stormen. I had written some new compositions arranging the music for great musicians from the northern part of Norway.


24 March 2014
Looking forward to the April/May-tour with Northern Concept.


8 March 2014
Playing at Adlib Jazzklubb, celebrating International Women’s Day. Click picture to enlarge.

playing with

Musicians: Dag Erik Pedersen (bass), Øystein Feldberg (trp), Magne Arnesen (piano), England Brooks (voc), Stian Thrana (perc), Roger Johansen (drums), John-Kåre Hansen (guitar).


23 January 2014

Welcome to the new layout on my website. These days I’m booking concerts for the spring and autumn of 2014. Keep updated on the «Dates»-page for coming shows. I’m also looking forward to play at Bodø Jazz Open on the 25 January together with Dag Erik Pedersen (bass) and Arild Johnsen (drums). John-Kåre Hansen Trio back together again for the first time since April 2013.


25 November 2013

Had a great week touring North-Norway together with Northern Concept. Great audience and lots of fun all the way. Thanks to everybody who’s supported us and all of you who bought the record. I highly appreciate that. The tour was supported by Nordnorsk Jazzsenter and FINN turné. Here’s a couple of picture from our concert at Northern Jazz Expo in Tromsø. A great night!

Click to enlarge

NC Tromsø


 16 July 2013

Reviews on the new album DAYS are overwhelming. Thank you to all who’s bought and heard it and for your wonderful feedback. The album is now availabe on, iTunes and everywhere you buy your music.

«Convincingly jazz-craftsmanship» (Avisa Nordland)

terningkast_5_large «Strong melodies with a personal signature.» (Altaposten)


30 June 2013
Played at Festspillene i Nord-Norge. Had a great evening with the band. Drummer Hermund Nygård for the for the first time together with the Northern Concept. Worked fantastically – as expected from a drummer of his stature. The following day we played at the outdoor-stage for NRK Radio and for the public having gathered at the city square in Harstad. The outdoor-concert is fully available for streaming on NRK web-tv here.

Eivind Valnes on piano, Roger Arntzen on double bass, Hermund Nygård on drums and John-Kåre Hansen on guitar.

Skjermbilde 2013-07-03 kl. 17.32.49


18 May 2013

DAYS Cover front

Excited to announce the official release-date of my new album DAYS. 14 June it will be available for sale both physically and for digital download. Release-concert will be held on Festspillene i Nord-Norge on 27 June.


11 – 16 April 2013
Touring with John-Kåre Hansen Trio in Northern-Norway. Dag Erik Pedersen on double bass and Arild Johnsen on drums. Here’s a picture from our concert at Baccalao in Svolvær opening the brand new Lofoten Jazz Club.

JKH trio Svolvær


1 March 2013
I’m playing a concert with John-Kåre Hansen Trio at Nordlenningen in Harstad, Thursday 14 March. Filling in for our regular drummer is Simen Vangen in addition to Dag Erik Pedersen on double bass and yours truly on guitar. Concert starts at nine pm (21.00).  See you there.


21 February 2013
Happy to announce that I will be touring with John-Kåre Hansen Northern Concept in the autumn of 2013. The tour is heavily supported by Festspillene i Nord-Norge and Nordnorsk Jazzsenter. Stay posted for coming concert-dates (hopefully) near you. Link to


8-10 February 2013
Recording my first solo-album with the new band John-Kåre Hansen Northern Concept. All new composistions, all new band. The record will be released 27 June during the festival Festspillene i Nord-Norge. Had a great time with great guys  in Store Studio, Bodø. Roger Arntzen on double bass,  Arnfinn Bergrabb on drums  and Eivind Valnes on piano.


3 February 2013
Bodø Jazz Open 23-26 January. A great and busy festival. I played several gigs with my trio and also duo together with bassist Dag Erik Pedersen. Here a picture from the small coffee-shop Babel Barista.

Babel Jazzduo - lite bilde


3 December 2012
In Tromsø playing a concert at the Music Conservatory. Dag Erik Pedersen on double bass and Simen Vangen on drums.



31 July 2012
Performing «Stella by Starlight» for solo-guitar. This is a live recording from Driv in Tromsø 31 May 2012. Enjoy.

31 May 2012
In Tromsø doing my first full solo-concert. Just acoustic jazz guitar. Fun and challenging at once.

13 April 2012
Posting a picture from Bodø International Organ Festival (BIOF) 2011. Had a great night in Store Studio playing a concert with the two amazing musicians Steinar Nickelsen (Hammond B3) and the fantastic Finn Sletten on drums.

BIOF 2011

Photo by Bodø Int. Organ Festival


4 April 2012

Ad Lib Jazzclub’s annual Easter Jamsession. Hosted by Dag Erik Pedersen (double bass), Arild Johnsen (drums) and John-Kåre Hansen (guitar).

15 March 2012
In London with my new Yamaha NTX 700, nylon electric.

JK London Yamaha

4 February 2012
Bodø Jazz Open 2012.


Photo by Kristina Elisabet Kvammen


30 January 2012
Bodø Jazz Open 2012 is over. From 25 – 28 I played no less then seven events, concerts and café-gigs together with fantastic bass player Dag Erik Pedersen and also one swinging trio gig with Arild Johnsen. Already looking foreward to next years festival. Loved the program for BJO 2012.

AN Fri 30-1-2012

Avisa Nordland 30. January 2012



3 January 2012
Happy new year! Posting a picture from Altaposten (28.12.11). On December 27 I featured in a local trio (Einar Leinonen, bass and Eirik Pedersen, drums) at Barila in Alta.

Skjermbilde 2011-12-28 kl. 20.44.14

Altaposten 28.12.11. Photo: Bernhard Hienerwadel.


17 October 2011
Hosting the jamsessions for two nights at Smeltedigelen Music Festival in Mo i Rana, Norway. Playing with great musicians; Kjell Joar Petersen-Øverleir (double bass), Arild Johnsen (drums) and Lars Erik Drevvatne (Fender Rhodes).

Smeltedigelen 2011



17 September 2011
Playing at Swing’n Sweet Jazzclub in Bergen with some excellent musicians. Norvald Dahl (piano), Ole Marius Sandberg (bass) and David Sundby (drums). Had real fun!




15 September 2011
Duo with Roger Arntzen. I had a great time playing a concert at Kafé Tamara in Oslo in a highly intimate setting.

Skjermbilde 2011-09-17

4 September 2011
This autmun I will do some concerts with Nest Quartet. Really looking foreward to that. Here is a pictured of our poster.




16 August 2011
A picture from the concert at Nordland Music Festival 10 August. Playing together with these great musicians. Arild Johnsen (drums), Atle Nymo (tenor sax) and Roger Arntzen (bass).

nmfu jk atle

Photo by Liv Boye Okkenhaug


12 August 2011
Norways leading jazz-magazine Jazznytt gives a great review on the new Nest-record «Aurora». Tor Hammerø, critic in Jazznytt, writes:

«John-Kåre Hansen has written all eleven songs on the album and reveals himself as a solid composer both melodically as well as lyricwise. His inspiriation as a writer seems to come out of the warm and melodical jazz of the sixties. With his original texts he manages to tell good and personal stories.»


2 August 2011
I will be hosting three sessions of «John-Kåre Hansen and friends» during the Nordland Musikkfestuke-festival in Bodø. In addition I will be playing with the Henning Gravrok Trio on a sailing cruise-ship. The venue is Bryggerikaia and these are my friends :)

  • Monday 8 August: Nest Duo. John-Kåre Hansen (g) and Anita Johnsen (vocal).
  • Wednesday 10 August: John-Kåre Hansen (g), Atle Nymo (ts), Roger Arntzen (b), Arild Johnsen (dr).
  • Thursday 11 August: Henning Gravrok Trio on the cruise-ship Gamle Salten. Henning Gravrok (s), John-Kåre Hansen (g), Kristian Jacobsen (b).
  • Friday 12 August: John-Kåre Hansen (g), Kristian Jacobsen (b), Ole-Thomas Kolberg (dr).

All the concerts except the cruise are free of charge and start at 4 pm ’till 6 pm. The cruise start at 3 pm ’till 6 pm.



7 July 2011
Posting a picture of Nest Quartet-singer Anita Johnsen taken at the release-concert of Aurora. The concert was held outdoors at the Arts Festival of North-Norway in Harstad, June 20. In the band: Kjell Joar Petersen-Øverleir (double bass), Anita Johnsen (vocal), Arild Johnsen (drums) and John-Kåre Hansen (guitar).




30 June 2011
Welcome to I’m currently creating my brand new site to present my music and future musical plans. Here you will find information on my coming projects, tours and events. And of course all concert-dates will be available under Dates.

Thank you for checking out my web-site.